Riots in Egypt / Riots in Wisconson.

February 18, 2011 3:19 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

We have seen History in the past few weeks. With the Middle East changing of the guard, be it good or bad, we are seeing a change that will forever change the Middle East. Same will happen here in America.

Right now in Wisconson class warfare is going on and the media is portraying only “Poor Teachers” having to make sacrifices. Really? The public sector has been making these sacrifices since 9/11 when the Towers came down. Most employers like myself have had to cut pay, hours and benefits just to stay afloat. The Governor is asking the Public Employees to contribute TO THEIR OWN pension and pay 8% of their Healthcare costs and they are demonstrating with signs comparing the Gov to Hitler and one I saw has the target crosshais over the gov’s face calling for Elimination? And none of this crap is being showed on your local news? Follow the money. Unions have hijacked my Democrat Party and have pushed me to the GOP / Tea Party. Call me crazy but it’s better than being in bed with American Jihadists……..


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