State of the UN-Union Speech

January 25, 2011 1:15 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Tonite, you will listen to a Man who is dropping faster in the Polls than a lead weight in water, and the “theme” will be for all sides to come together. How soon we forget that the same theme was used in his Inauguration Speech in 2009 and when the other side asked to be involved, they were shut out of ALL MEETINGS or Policy Positions since he has been President. The reason he wants help with the other side now is to get votes, pure and simple. HOW THE HELL are we to cut the Budget AND “Invest” in future programs at the same time? Smoke and Mirrors. Watch what he DOES and not what he SAYS. After last year when he flat out LIED about the Supreme Court and Justice Roberts mouthed “Not True” and the Media ate him up for the Obamao Administration, three of the Conservative Justices will skip the speech. Awesome. I love it. I too will skip the Lies …….. errrrrrrrrr I mean Speech and do something more worthwhile with my time.


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