Wisconsin Elections

June 7, 2012 10:30 am Published by Leave your thoughts

What a night on Tuesday! We are seeing the Wake Up of America and it will roll on thru November when we kick out the Socialist Ideas of the current Administration. Small Business is getting KILLED. Companies like ours are being Over-Regulated and resulting in many shops just giving up and closing their doors. Not us. We will keep up the good fight! From San Diego City Water and Storm Pollution telling me I have to go up and “Sweep my Roof before a coming rainstorm” or face fines to the State telling me what chemicals I can use to clean my press when in all other 49 States it is OK to use the same stuff, we will get thru this…….. Screw the current system of thinking that entitlements will spur the growth of our GDP. Small Business is the BACKBONE of America.


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